Step into the peaceful, inner space where eternal stillness resides within

Step into the stillness and rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul.  Release your burdens and relieve your stress as you focus on the calmness of the present moment.  Stretch a moment into an eternity as you reside in the expansiveness of your quiet, focused mind.  Breathe slowly and deeply into  a serene state of mind.

What are you in need of today?  Do you wish to bring more joy and happiness into your life today?  Do you feel the need to offer forgiveness to someone you know (maybe even yourself), or do you desire to embody a peaceful state of mind to assist in transforming current world events?  Choose your focus below:



focused affirmations

My hope, light, peace, and dreams of equality dissolve all conflict around me and in the world.  I share harmony from my heart which replaces all dissonance and fosters a state of constant cooperation and resolution.

Amid the stress, distraction, constant motion, and stimuli in my surroundings, I am a peaceful island of serenity, and I resonate to the sound of silence.  I take a deep breath to release tension, chaos, and disharmony and replace it with the comfort of stillness. 

Steps of Preparation

  1. Find yourself a quiet, secluded space in which to focus
  2. Set the mood with soothing music, burn some incense, light a candle, or perform whatever ritual you wish to use to prepare a sacred space
  3. Take a slow, deep breath by inhaling for a count of 7
  4. Hold your breath for a count of 7
  5. Exhale for a count of 14
  6. Clear your mind and set the intention to bring forth the quality or state of mind on which you intend to focus
  7. Perform a quick, simple meditation or recite the affirmation of interest below; Repeat the affirmation 3 times
  8. Complete the activity with a prayer or statement of gratitude
  9. Practice entering a state of stillness daily and perform the breathing exercise above for immediate stress relief when needed!
  10. Utilize this pure, focused creative energy to guide and inspire you each day.




I am ONE with all of humanity.  My consciousness and being are connected to each and every individual expression in existence.  I connect with others to bring forth collective awareness and collaboration.  Our togetherness ignites a unified appreciation for life, and our passion flows forth with exciting possibilities.  

I am a wellspring of creative ideas, and I generate unique expressions to share the insight that I receive and share.  I connect to high states of awareness and wisdom to bring forth fresh visuals, words, colors, and sounds that uplift and inspire humanity.

I am a child at heart, and I embrace my playfulness.  I take ample time to play, and I bring forth excitement, fun, and enjoyment as a priority in my life.  My load is lightened, and my energy is restored when I take time to free my inhibitions.

My heart is fully open to give and receive vast amounts of endless and unconditional love.  I serve as a conduit emitting a constant stream of boundless love into the world to uplift myself and others.  




I welcome all of the blessings, gifts, and prosperity that are coming to me now and in the future.  I live my life knowing and trusting that I am supplied with everything needed for a comfortable life.  As I give to others, my gifts are enhanced, and the Universe shares abundance with me in many ways.

I release all resentment, blame, guilt, or anger towards anyone or anything that may have introduced hurt, deceit, or betrayal into my awareness.  The burden is released as both parties offer gratitude for the lesson or experience and choose to forgive and proceed on a brighter path forward.

My heart opens to those in need of comfort, peace, safety, and love.  I am an endless source of compassion and understanding, and these gifts flow through me into the world to soothe all discomfort, longing, sorrow, and pain.  Hope is restored as the light of possibility shines forth.

I am grateful for all of the gifts in my life, and my treasures are multiplied when I offer thanksgiving.  I focus on abundance, appreciation for nature, and the miracle of life.  I place my attention on that which I desire.