Calling Home & Answering the Phone

Join Dr. Suzanne Lie, Ph.D. and the Arcturians in the upcoming event,

Calling Home & Answering the Phone, which is a 2-session webinar series (1.5 hours each) featuring hands-on, experiential workshops where you will learn and adopt practical methods to guide you through the process of accepting (receiving and interpreting) and utilizing (sharing with others) the important connection and information you receive from higher guidance (Home.)  Activate your higher guidance as you expand your consciousness to build a strong, two-way system of communication with Home.

Some of the most common questions asked by awakening ones include

“Who am I?”, “Where am I from?”, and “Why am I here?” The clarion call has been sent out to each of us, and it is time to build the connection to Home so we can receive clear answers to these questions. Once connected, your higher guidance will offer consistent support to enable you to become fully engaged in fulfilling your individual and collective missions.

Calling Home—find how YOU ground, document and share your messages
(For additional reference, see the message, Accepting Higher Light)

Answering the Phone—find how YOU put all your messages into action

(For additional reference, see the message, Using Higher Light)

Join us as we actively answer the clarion call in a personal and unified way! It is time to REMEMBER your mission, and the time for action is NOW.

A 2-Part Webinar Series Co-Hosted by

Suzanne Lie, Ph.D. and Shawnna Donop, M.B.A.
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answering the clarion call

Step into the peaceful, inner space where eternal stillness resides within

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Thank you for taking responsibility for the agreement you made to assist in the planetary transformation.  We invite you to join us in this safe and supportive space as you uncover your true identity, discover and nurture your unique gifts, and align with your specialized purpose.   

Please stay tuned for additional opportunities to join in unity consciousness efforts to heal and merge with the planet!