Spend ample time prior to the equinox to prepare your intentions and dreams to hold in your heart. 


Feel free to consider the following questions as you prepare to ride the energies of the equinox:

  • Become aware of the balance or imbalance in the priorities in your life. 
    • Are you allotting the proper amount of energy, clarity, focus, and time to ensure the main components of your life continue to receive the nourishment needed to thrive?
  • Are you scheduling ample time for self care, rejuvenation, and indulgence?
  • What do you wish to release to make space and allow energy for the newness you welcome?
  • What intentions do you wish to set for the remainder of the year?
  • What dreams do you continue to empower and wish to bring to fruition?

The Autumnal Equinox offers a fresh window of opportunity to bring a sense of BALANCE to all areas of your life. Let's celebrate the seasonal balance which brings equality between the time allotted to both day and night.  


Join us for our recurring meditations as we utilize the supportive and powerful equinox and solstice energies to focus our intentions to bring peace, love, and joy to humanity.

autumnal equinox

Upcoming Autumnal Equinox Meditation

Wednesday, September 22, 2016

Step into the peaceful, inner space where eternal stillness resides within

how to prepare and utilize the energies to set intentions and manifest dreams